Step By Step Pediatric Therapy

Since 2000, Step By Step Pediatric Therapy has been providing Berks and surrounding counties, high quality Early Intervention services. We are a therapist-owned practice providing pediatric services including: Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Special Instruction, Feeding Therapy, Vision, Nutrition, Sensory and Behavior supports.

All About Your Needs

Our birth to 3 year program is free, provided at your home or daycare, and scheduled at your convenience.

Our Mission

Our goal is to help families learn how to encourage positive outcomes through routine-based activities and interactions with their children. Step By Step Pediatric Therapy has been providing services to children with special needs in Berks and surrounding counties since 2000.


I always rest easy when I know that Step By Step Pediatric Therapy is providing services for my patients. They are top notch therapists, and they are excellent at communicating with primary care physicians as part of a comprehensive medical team. As an organization they show outstanding commitment to their patients, always going above and beyond, and to the community at large. You can’t get better skills with bigger hearts anywhere!
Karen, Local Pediatrician
Erin is a great physical therapist and my son, Ethan has improved tremendously over these past few months, all because of her. She is a wonderful person and I am very glad she is Ethan’s physical therapist.
Ethan’s Mom

My daughter had Step by Step for her therapies in early intervention until she turned three. They became almost like family. The therapists are so kind and helped my daughter grow and improve in so many ways. We are so lucky to have had Step By Step help us when she was little.

R’s Mom

Step by Step Pediatric Therapy began working with our son around 20 months of age when we were directed to early intervention services because of developmental delays. We didn’t have a diagnosis but we knew he needed services. Dore spent a few weeks with Liam and asked if he’d been tested for Fragile X, a genetic condition causing developmental delays and autistic tendencies. When we met with our geneticist we asked and discovered he had not been screened for Fragile X. The test was ordered and about 12 weeks later we received the call that he did have Fragile X. I’m not sure how long we would have gone without a diagnosis if not for Dore’s keen insight and knowledge. She and her associate Chris were amazing therapists and made a huge difference in our lives. Dore is still an amazing resource and sounding board for us as we travel this special needs path. I am so thankful Step by Step and Dore were sent to us.

Liam's Mom
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