Special Instructors

Our Special Instructors (SI) are interventionists who specialize in supporting and understanding the social, emotional and cognitive development of young children. The goal of the interventionist is to increase a young child’s learning opportunities to positively impact his/her growth.

Special instructors address the child’s overall growth and progress, and structure appropriate learning and developmental goals. With a focus on improving play skills, behavioral issues, social interactions, cognitive development, motor skills, and language, they work with the parents and other team members to help support the family in their daily routines in ways that help support positive development and growth.

Step By Step Pediatric Therapy’s Special Instructors are specialized, experienced and certified to work with children with a variety of challenges including children who have behavioral challenges are blind or have visual impairments, and nutritional challenges. All of our special instructors have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, with most having a master’s degree. These professionals have advanced expertise in a specific area and provide support in these areas.

Special Instructors: Behavior, Vision, Nutrition

Our Special Instructors also have advanced training in different areas of support for early intervention children. Some of our teachers have certifications to work with children who are blind or visually impaired, are deaf or have hearing impairments, have behavioral challenges. We also have nutrition support thru a registered dietician. These professional are teachers with advanced expertise in a specific area and provide support in these areas.

Behavioral Support Services

  • Special Instructors that provide behavior support help children eliminate or replace disruptive, harmful or negative behaviors with positive actions.
  • SI/Behavior interventionists can help with reducing/eliminating challenging behaviors, Attending/focusing on tasks, transitions and following directions
  • SI/behavior interventionists may address problem behaviors such as tantrums, difficulty with sleeping and potty training.
  • SI/behavior interventionists can help with building healthy routines, positive behaviors and smooth transitions.

Vision Support Services

  • Step By Step Vision support interventionists hold teaching certifications in Education and are Certified Teachers of the Visually Impaired (TVI).
  • Vision support interventionists determine how a child’s vision impacts their early development and access to their environment.
  • Vision Support interventionists are qualified to teach basic indoor orientation and mobility.
  • Step by Step Vision support interventionists have access to low and high tech devices such as lightboards, braille books, braillers etc.

Nutrition Services

  • Nutrition support is provided by a registered dietitian/nutritionist
  • Registered dietitian can help with issues related to feeding, proper nutritional intake, transition from g- tube to oral feeding, suggestions for those with selective diets, and help with calculating current intake needs and making suggestions for dietary changes/additions.
  • Our dietitians have experience working with infants and toddlers including NICU experience.
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